Monobenzone Cream Albaquin (Vitiligo treatment)

US Brand Name Albaquin
Generic Name Monobenzone
Other Brand Name Albaquin
Packing 20 gm
Manufacturer Mac Labs
Form Cream
Strength 20 %
Shipment Time 4 to 15 days


About Monobenzone Cream - Albaquin for Vitiligo Treatment

Albaquin is material made up of monobenzone. This powerful element is known as monobenzyl ether of hydroquinone in material circumstances. Albaquin (monobenzone) is known to decrease the overall look of the skin and treats the infrequent overall look of the overall look. Albaquin allows in vitiligo and improves overall look absolutely and quickly.

Monobenzone is long-lasting and perfect Skin Lightener, And is effective in vitiligo treatments. And decreasing melanin by decreasing melanocytes metabolism. But rest of three lightner are not long-lasting skin Lightner. But Result of Monobenzone is long-lasting and perfect. So Monobenzone is Perfect Skin lightener.

Monobenzone under the medicine name Albaquin is a depigmenting agent that features on the unaffected skin by decreasing the levels of shade ingredients or melanin in order to go with with the affected locations in the body. It is used to depigment or reduce the skin lastingly in patients suffering from a problem known as Vitiligo. Monobenzone allows to provide a regular covering and look to the skin by lightening the eye dark areas around the shiny areas.

Monobenzone by means of Albaquin cream is the perfect solution for loss of overall look or vitiligo. Monobenzone reduces melanocytes metabolism and features as a awesome skin lightener. Versus any other skin lightening cream, Monobenzone - based medicine like Albaquin treats Vitiligo and improves your overall look absolutely and quickly. Two to four million people in America are suffering from vitiligo. Between the age of 10 to 30, there are more opportunities of people to get vitiligo. Maximum possible people can get vitiligo until the age of 40. It is not limited to any gender. All over the world, all types of people, both men and women, can b affected by vitiligo.

How to use Monobenzone Cream - Albaquin for Vitiligo Treatment

  • Albaquin (Monobenzone) cream is a exterior treatments used to epidermis for depigmenting it. It may take up to 4 a few several weeks of treatments with Albaquin to finish the whole depigmentation procedure of the managed epidermis.
  • However, you can inform your physician if you never see any improvement in your scenario after one 1 month.
  • Skin where Monobenzone is being used to may be particularly sensitive to sunlight or pain for the remaining aspect of your lifestyle.
  • Possible depigmentation may also occur in other the same epidermis locations by using Monobenzone cream. Talk about to your physician if you have concerns regarding this side-effect of the therapy.
  • Monobenzone or Albaquin cream is recommended to be together with either olive or almond oil to be able to obtain depigmentation in vitiligo patients.
  • The cream should be used twice a day and the patient should wait for the results to appear gradually, properly tracking the place where Monobenzone was used.
  • It is well known that Monobenzone cream can only be used on the epidermis, following perfectly the recommendations of an experienced physician.
  • Complete results are obtained in a variety of months; after that interval, the patient is instructed to regularly use Monobenzone to keep the recommended epidermis. Potential side-effects contain dry epidermis, dropping and pain. Sufferers who also have freckles and various other concerns should be prevented from using Albaquin lotion

Side effects caused due to Monobenzone Cream - Albaquin

Albaquin (Monobenzone) may have both serious and less serious side effects. Serious side effects may include the
signs of understanding such as,

  • Hives
  • Breathlessness
  • Swelling of face, mouth, dialect or neck.

You should stop using Monobenzone and get in touch with your doctor instantly if you experience terrible pain, inflammation, burning, or itching. Less serious side effects may be soothing inflammation of the handled skin, soothing skin pain, or soothing skin inflammation or itching.

Shipping details for Albaquin Cream Vitiligo Treatment

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